“Oh my God, you need so much help.”

This is the number one thing people love to hear when they’re picking out outfits, especially when it’s for a first date. This is a fact that has been proven by science, and I know science, because my undergrad degree was a Bachelor of Science.

I can attest to the truth of this, as it was this exact phrase I was met with when soliciting opinions on how to dress prior to meeting someone at my favorite local coffee shop.

Prior to that point, I was asking from a place of indecision…

This is part 2 of my profile on San Francisco’s nightclubs that feature underground electronic music. To read about my other picks, click here.

Public Works — “Sound laboratory for the daring

161 Erie St.

Public Works holds a special place in my heart, as it was the site of my first foray into San Francisco’s nightlife.

Surrounded by a daunting amount of novelty on all sides, I firmly insisted to myself that I needed to set a healthy precedent for my time on the West Coast by seeking out new experiences despite introverted instincts insisting otherwise. Unsure of where…

If dancing is the ultimate physical expression of emotion, better have some good places to do it.

Prior to moving West, my weekend routine for a night out generally followed a routine:

· Check who’s playing at Smart Bar and Spybar

· See if Paradigm was running an event that weekend (bonus points if it was happening during the day)

· Remember I was located in a suburb an hour away from anything and that I would likely have to drive AND park the land yacht that is my mom’s minivan in a city where such accommodating parking conditions are…

This is the final part of my trilogy reviewing the latest edition of Star Wars. For parts 1 and 2, check out my previous posts.

Problem #3: Leia Lives

This movie had an enormous elephant in the room to address on behalf of the entire franchise: Carrie Fisher’s passing.

In the first third of the movie, Fisher’s Princess-turned-General Leia Organa is blasted out into space as the result of her ship’s partial destruction. …

This is part 2 of my review of Star Wars Episode 8: The Last Jedi. For part 1, check my previous post.

Problem #2: Underdeveloped New Characters

Star Wars: Rogue One was faced with a near-impossible task: bridging two trilogies by addressing a myriad of open-ended plot points in a single movie while forging an emotional connection to a swath of new characters the audience knew would be dead by the time the final credits rolled.

Never mind the added pressure of producing a movie that’s part of one of film history’s most loved and adored franchises.

Rogue One’s team…

I credit my introduction to Star Wars as one of the most pivotal, formative moments in my developing years.

It was a Saturday night in October, 2003. A subtle chill was descending on the air in my suburban Illinois hometown, which meant the arrival of a delicate, satisfying crunch underfoot as the turning of leaves imbued the outdoors with a new expression of liveliness. I was in fifth grade, and at a loss for what to do with myself that evening.

Seeing an opening to better connect with me, my mom suggested we watch a movie together. …

This is the second half of my most important mixes for 2017. For the first 2 selections, check out my earlier post.

Randomer Live from Dekmantel Festival 2016 — Music to Heighten

Randomer is a top-notch act when it comes to original productions, and this set proves that point as well as solidifies his prowess behind the decks.

But I can’t say I recommend it, at least for how I found myself employing the frenetic, industrial sounds of this set from 2016.

I first listened to the set at my local gym in Illinois, a bright, open, airy building…

As this year comes to a close, lists counting down the “best” abound for just about anything you can imagine.

Whether it’s movie releases, slam dunks or memes, if you’re looking for a summation of the year’s highlights, this is the time of year to find that.

But there are some who do things differently.

Earlier this year, Resident Advisor ended their annual poll of top DJs, citing its evolution into a popularity contest that was unrepresentative of the diversity in electronic music today. …

As can be surmised from some of my previous posts, music is something I hold greatly dear — a day without my headphones is a rarity, and typically is battery-induced (or a function of forgetting my earbuds altogether).

I made a habit of listening to the previous night’s BBC Essential Mix every Saturday morning during college, a ritual that persists going on its fifth year. …

“What in the hell kind of weepy-overly [sic] feminized chicken shit nonsense is this?”

This sentence was the kickoff to someone’s criticism of a piece written by my coworker and published in the New York Times’ Modern Love section.

Upon reading this, I was at once disappointed and curiously amused by the desire to levy ad hominem attacks on my friend’s sense of masculinity: first, because such an affront came in response to a moment of vulnerability for the world to see, but also that the comments were made on Modern Love’s Facebook page.

I will not speak for my…

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